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Vintage set 2006, series silver 10-Euro Germany mirror finish, 2006

Vintage set 2006, series silver 10-Euro Germany mirror finish, 2006

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Series: 10 Euro Germany Silver

All 10 euro coins minted until 2010 are made of sterling silver. The coin weight of 18 g and the 925 alloy results in a fine weight of 16.65 g. The pure silver value of these coins is currently 10.72 euros (silver price as of November 17, 2020). Due to the risk that the metal value could exceed the face value, the issue date of the last two 10 euro commemorative coins with this high silver content was brought forward to October 26, 2010. The fine weight of 16.65 grams of silver corresponds to that of a Vereinstaler from 1857.

In 2011, the first 10 euro commemorative coin was issued in honor of Franz Liszt with a silver content reduced to 62.5% and a coin weight reduced to 16 g, where the fine weight was only 10 g of silver. The other editions were issued in the standard version in a copper-nickel alloy, and in the mirror-finish version in an alloy with a silver content of 62.5%.[91]

These coins were available in the usual uncirculated version (st) from many savings banks and some banks in Germany; Postbank was an exception. For collectors, a partial edition of each motif was produced in mirror gloss (sp) quality. This variant was initially only available from the Federal Securities Administration, but in 2006 Deutsche Post took over the tasks of selling the Federal Republic of Germany's collector coins and ships all coins via its shipping center in Weiden in der Oberpfalz. Some coin catalogs rate the proof issues differently than the official Federal Government announcements as Proof (Proof). In addition to the individual coins, the sales point for collector's coins puts together a collection every year as a commemorative coin set of all silver coins of this year in a mirror finish

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2006
  • Minting quality/condition: "Proof" (PP)"
  • Currency: 10 euros
  • Dimensions: 32.5mm
  • The 2006 commemorative coin set contains five Euro commemorative coins:
  • 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 - 4th edition 2006
  • 225th birthday of Karl Friedrich Schinkel
  • 800 years of Dresden
  • 650 years of the Hanseatic League
  • Packaging: Representative packaging
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