G athering S ustainable P rofits by Gold S ilber P latin coins

GSPcoins.com has set itself the goal of combining investment and the joy of collecting:

  • Value creation through coins, which increase collector value through the precious metal
  • Modern coins with wide acceptance and high liquidity to achieve prices in line with the market

The focus is on coins

  • from the most renowned mints in the world
  • with low circulation
  • Numismatic special features such as exclusive optics and continued series

  • Examples of coins with a significant increase in value:

    Legends of Music "Queen" market price: approx. 600 € (issue price 50 €)

    20 euros “local birds”, “UHU”, 1/8 oz gold, market price: approx. 650 € (issue price 200 €)

    Rhino, Series I Big Five Platinum Proof, 1 oz Platinum, market price: approx. €3500 (issue price €1200)

    These have a multiple of the material value, but were sold slightly above the material price.​

-> We offer you these coins with the potential to increase in value for your investment in the future

Offer of the week: October 16, 2023. until October 23, 2023