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RHINO, Big Five Series I, Privy Set, Proof 2 x 1 oz Silver, 2020

RHINO, Big Five Series I, Privy Set, Proof 2 x 1 oz Silver, 2020

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Series: Big Five South Africa 2 x 1 oz Silver Proof

The series: Big Five from the South Africa Mint with 2 x 1 oz Silver in Proof quality shows the Big Five of Africa:

- Elephant
- Lion
- Rhinoceros
- Buffalo

The front shows the portrait of the respective animal. The reverse of the coin was designed with two halves of the respective portrait. This creates the following effect: two coins next to each other create a complete close-up portrait and one row shows a herd or group. All animals symbolically embody the South African wildlife. At the bottom you will find the words South Africa and Big Five 2020.
The national coat of arms of South Africa was placed in between, which symbolizes the changes in South Africa and serves to identify South Africans. In a small circle you can see the rays of the rising sun. Below you can see a secretary bird with its wings spread and raised.

  • Big Five Rhino/Kruegerrand Silver Proof 2 x 1 Oz 2020
  • Country of origin: South Africa
  • Manufacturer: South African Mint
  • Fine weight: 2 x 31.10 grams
  • Face value: 2 x5 Rand
  • Diameter: 38.73mm
  • Year of issue: 2020 Rhino
  • Condition: Roof
  • Packaging: Original wooden case and certificate
  • Edition: 1000 pieces
  • Images are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the coin you purchase or receive. The quality of the coins received at least corresponds to the images.
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