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TRIBUTE TO ALEX COLVILLE - 1/10 Gold 6 coin set, 2020

TRIBUTE TO ALEX COLVILLE - 1/10 Gold 6 coin set, 2020

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Series: A Tribute to Alex Colville (Gold)

On the occasion of the 100th To mark Alex Collville's birthday, the Royal Canadian Mint has created a 6-part coin series to commemorate his homage to Canada's wildlife. This consists of 6 gold coins, each containing 1710 oz of gold. The design offers a profile view of the respective animal.

  • Howling Wolf
  • Bobcat
  • Mackerel
  • Rabbit
  • Rock Dove
  • Canada Goose

The design also includes the engraved denomination “DOLLAR,” the word “CANADA,” and the date “2020.” The obverse features Canada's second effigy (1965-1989) of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin, as it appeared on Colville's original coin designs issued in 1967. The mintage is limited to just 1,200 coins.

  • Technical data:
  • Country of issue: Canada, Royal Canadian Mint
  • Value: $1
  • Vintage: 2020
  • Quality: Proof
  • Fineness: 999.9
  • Edition: 1200 Diameter: 16.10mm
  • Weight: 6 x 3.14g gold

The images are from the originals. Any recognizable artifacts are most likely due to the capsule.

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